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3 concrete cubes

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The sobriety of this set of three concrete cubes makes it perfect for displaying precious items like jewelry pieces. The matching set is made up of different sized displays, which maximizes the visibility of the objects displayed in a window or on a stand.

• Handmade in France by Atelier IDeco

• 1 big gray concrete cube (Size: 2.6 inches - 6,5 cm / Weight: 1.1 lbs - 500 g)

• 1 medium gray concrete cube (Size: 2 inches - 5 cm / Weight: 0.5 lbs - 225 g)

• 1 small grayconcrete cube (Size: 1.4 inches - 3,5 cm / Weight: 0.15 lbs - 70 g)
• You can clean up this product with water and soap. Do not scrub in order to prevent surface scratching

• Is it a gift? Send us the little word to be addressed to the lucky one. We will drag him or her into the package